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Team player

I thrive in a team. Improvising trained me to carefully listen and assess how can I make the biggest impact. I follow the Essentialism motto; so I really value delegating and sharing responsibilities.

Heavy Lifter

I understand that results take hard work, that is why I train every day. I like to be at the top of my craft and willing to go the extra mile.

Having fun

I know that having fun as important as results, that is why you can't tell I train every day! My personal goal is to empower everyone in the and create a candid environment where we can difuse issues before they crystalise


Here you can see a brief summary of my path. Go to LinkedIn to see the details!

  • 2019 - NOW

    Agile Test Lead

    Was lucky to join King's new game studio as their first QA. I supported the team's growth, built a 10-people QA force and seen our first new game going LIVE.

  • 2018 - 2019

    QA Automation

    I joined GAN Integrity to bootstrap their Testing automation and infrastracture. Starting frameworks, managing the pipeline, pairing with developers and joining early discussions; you name it! Whatever was needed to assess the Qualiy!

  • 2016 - 2018

    Quality Assistance

    Joined Unity as an SDET to help shifting the development culture to Quality first. Supporting developers with frameworks and evangelising for best practices. You can read an example of what my work!

  • 2014-2016

    Quality Inquisitor

    I joined import.io to work on their testing infrastracture and how to ensure the quality of the product at speed. We were a small team and the tasks ranged from creating frontend/backend testing frameworks, performance testing or testing with the users.

  • 2012 - 2014

    Humble beginnings

    During my first years, I worked as a Java Developer and found my foot on the testing side. I learned the importance of Performance testing at The Workshop, how to work in a team on Tech on Rails and usability with newFasant.

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Feel free to check my different facets.

Gino Galotti

Quality Assistance

Gino Galotti


Gino Galotti


I am still rediscovering myself, so let's see how many Ginos I can come up with in a year!